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The Asian Vegetarian Meal follows the religious dietary guidelines set forth with the Hindu meal and is prepared as an Indian style meal with only plant foods (fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, spice).

Nearly 500,000,000 people follow the strict Asian Vegetarian diet in South Asia.

The Asian Vegetable meal is free of any animal proteins such as beef, veal, pork, poultry, lamb, fish or eggs. The meal contains a limited use of dairy products and is not a “vegan” meal which does not contain any dairy products.

Asian Vegetarian meals are Sattvic foods thought to cleanse the mind and body to include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts.

Our Asian Vegetarian meals are a delicious creation of classic indian dishes and spices.

Healthy Asian Vegetarian Indian Style meals full in nutritional value consist of:

No Beef, No Pork, No Veal, No Poultry, No Lamb, No Seafood, No Eggs

Indian style seasonings, spices, beans, vegetables, fruits prepared in traditional means are permitted

Protein = 25 grams average per meal

Monosaturated & Polyunsaturated Fats = 20 grams average per meal (no saturated animal fats)

Carbohydrates = 45 grams average per meal

Sugars = <10 grams average per meal

Dietary Fiber = 15 grams average per meal

Cholesterol = 0 mg per meal

We are pleased to offer fresh Asian Vegetarian meals to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our meals are fully cooked and only require proper reheating.

*Asian Vegetarian Jain (Chinese Style) Meals may be available only upon request.

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We focus on using fresh whole plant-based foods following a holistic approach common to the Mediterranean diet. Some of our meals permit non-GMO fish and shellfish, lean poultry, along with organic eggs and non-dairy product. We do not use red and other white meats, game, and fowl in our cookery. There is a minimal use of saturated fats, sugar, sodium and plenty of high fiber foods with a moderate caloric value as our preference to satisfy your dietary needs and culinary wishes. Principles from the Cornell University Center for Nutritional Studies are followed to transform a healthy body, mind and spirit.