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Excessive Body Mass Index (BMI), Triglycerides and Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) are major contributing factors for heart disease and stroke, by constricting the healthy flow of blood throughout the body. These proteins and lipid build ups are a result of eating a diet high in animal protein & fats, insufficient regular exercise and a stressful lifestyle.
According to the CDC, over 74 million adults in the USA or 32% of the population suffer from high levels of LDL cholesterol and excessive triglyceride levels in the blood.

Fortunately, our body can fight Heart Disease and Stroke related illness by eating a healthy diet, exercise and weight control, in addition to prescribed medication known as a statin. It has been scientifically determined that a lean diet of whole foods full in nutritional value, with minimal animal protein and saturated fat consumption can be beneficial in helping to manage a Healthy Heart & Mind, therefore adding to a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Low Fat, Low Cholesterol, Low Caloric meals full in nutritional consist of:

Total Calories = <400 per meal

Lean Protein = 25 grams average per meal
(Beans, chicken breast or thigh no skin, legumes, white fish or salmon fillets rich in Omega 3 fatty acids)

Cholesterol = 0 to 100 mg average per meal

Carbohydrates = 30 grams average per meal

Sugars = 0 to 5 grams average per meal

Dietary Fiber = 15 grams average per meal or higher

Monosaturated & Polyunsaturated Fats = 15 grams average per meal
(No saturated animal fats)

We are pleased to offer Low Fat, Low Cholesterol, Low Caloric meals to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our meals are fully cooked and only require proper reheating.

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We focus on using fresh whole plant-based foods following a holistic approach common to the Mediterranean diet. Some of our meals permit non-GMO fish and shellfish, lean poultry, along with organic eggs and non-dairy product. We do not use red and other white meats, game, and fowl in our cookery. There is a minimal use of saturated fats, sugar, sodium and plenty of high fiber foods with a moderate caloric value as our preference to satisfy your dietary needs and culinary wishes. Principles from the Cornell University Center for Nutritional Studies are followed to transform a healthy body, mind and spirit.